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These are songs that may never enter a state of completion.  They are efforts that Slim Volume and I have made together and apart.  Every last one of them needs something, at a minimum.  As my skill progreses (I can dream, can't I?) they should evolve into listenable, non-hi-fi-set-blowing-up bits of entertainment.  If it's posted here, I'm either sick of working on it, given up completely, or perhaps proud of it.

Every song has a story, but I'll forget them before I get them typed out...  There was a fairly compelling reason for each tune - that much I'm sure of.

COVER SONGS (4-8MB)  Scroll again for originals
Train Train - Blackfoot GB - bass+gtr+drums+vocs
Hold Me Tight - Beatles GB - bass+gtr+drums+vocs
Message To Love - Hendrix GB - bass+gtr+LV, MK - drums+bgv
That's The Way Of The World - EWF GB - bass+gtr, MK - drums
You Really Got Me - Kinks GB - bass+gtr, MK - vocs, Larold - drums+mix
Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life - Holmes GB - gtr+bass+bgv, MK - drums+bgv, Tom Sullivan - gtr+LV, Dale Oakley - bgv
It Don't Come Easy - Ringo Starr GB - bass+gtr+lv , MK - drums+bgv
Cry Baby Cry - Beatles GB - bass+gtr+voc, MK - drums+voc
Cover songs posted on Slim's site  


These will be showing up as soon as I start re-mixing them.  I might even try writing another one.  Learning is a drag.  
All My Life GB - bass+gtr+voc
Ready GB - bass+gtr+vocs
Original songs posted on Slim's site  
More of these will be showing up as soon as I start re-mixing them.  Don't hold your breath, but do check back.  There're entire minutes of good stuff coming.  Slim wrote all of these - sequenced all the parts, too.  I was lucky enough to schlep some guitar in there.
Let Me Think It Over Slim - drums+vocs, GB - bass+gtr
Cave In On The Bayou Slim - drums+vocs, GB - bass+gtr
Down To The Bottom
Slim - drums+vocs, GB - bass + gtr
Peace Baby Slim - vocs, GB - bass+gtr
Saucers Over Vaalbara Slim - drums, GB - bass + gtr
Nothing Better To Do Slim - Drums + vocs, GB + bass+gtr, Anyhorizon - string arrangement!
A Sense Of Humor Slim - drums + vocals, GB - bass + gtr
Super Beetle Slim - drums + vocals, GB - bass + gtr
I'm Whispering Slim - vocals, GB - gtr
Something's All Wrong Slim - drums +vocs, GB - bass + gtr
Tennessee Girls Again Slim - drums + vocs, GB - bass + gtr
Whatever Comes Slim - vocals + sequences
Calling For My Mary Slim - drums + vocs, GB - bass + gtr