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Fantastic Announcement!!  After many years and thirteen months, Mark and I have FINALLY completed two CDs.  They are in actual shrinkwrap with an actual barcode.  They are for actual sale.  They contain actual songs.  It looks and sounds pretty professional.  How can that happen, you ask?  One word - "plastics".  Truthfully, we don't know.  It's as if someone else did it.  
The Record Fairy broke into my house last night...

From The Sound Chasm cover from the sound chasm back

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hindsight cover hindsight back

Buy this CD at this link

Here are two great CDs that taste great together.  The horizontalness of one compliments the verticality of the other.  If you add the mathematical formulas describing the CDs together, you end up with a single point in space.  Neat, huh?  Both CDs defy description, other than we think they're good songs, and good guitar, vocal and drum work.  You might call it the Stockholm Syndrome if you were us.  With objectivity long-gone, I can only warn you that NO TWO SONGS are the same.  If you don't like what you're hearing, advance to the next track.  You may find one of Sybil's personalities right up your alley.  You might like all of her.  You might spot her in your shrubs at 2 am.  

Perhaps Mark and I want you to buy it, but that's too much pressure for us.  If you want to fondle an actual CD in a Digipack, you'll need to buy it.  I'll make the tracks available for download if you're short of time or funds, frightened by risk, or haven't figured out how to put that CD inside your iPod.  The possibility that I might help to waste 90 minutes of someone else's life was sufficient reason to skip this effort.  But enough of that - Out, foul defeatist demons!!!  So do you have 90 minutes to waste?  Do you?

There is a big long list of people I need to thank, but this is not The Oscars, and my list consists of family, friends and personality subroutines that run on the Internet.  Thank you all.

A Little Description:
"Slim Volume From The Sound Chasm " is a record consisting of 13 MKKing originals.  It's a little rock, a bluesy dance, a little seltzer down your pants.  It was recorded in both of my basements, as if the world needed another compound basement tape.  It's all real guitars and real amps.  It's all real drums except for two songs.  There are those who gave stupendous advice on how I could make my engineering suck less, and they should remain nameless lest you think I followed their advice.  I tried, but it would require me becoming a different person at the enzymatic level.

"Slim Volume Hindsight" is Mark's bedroom effort, filled with songs he wrote in two completely different bedrooms.  The songs go all the way to eleven.  I played some guitar, but Mark handled all of it stem to stern.  He did  a marvelous job of producing his own work.  He's got some great songs on this record.  Maybe this disc has all the good songs - there's only one way for you to find out.

We tacitly decided not to put any bad songs on these records, but save them for our next effort where massive marketing and Clearchannel will convince you they're great.  That CD Release Party will be held at Shady Acres Nursing Home, Reagan Conference Room section B, next to the shuffleboard court, from 6 to 8 PM.  Low sodium, sugar-free refreshments will be provided.  Blue-Tooth enabled hearing-aids are suggested.  It is forbidden to block the entrance ramp with golf carts.