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Other Fine D8B Facilities

Earthen Vessel Productions

Dan Worley - if you know him, what else needs to be said?  If you've been let down in the past by humanity, Dan was not involved.  He's one of the highest quality folks you will ever know.  Dan has a new site under development, Earthen Audio.

Larold Rebhun
Larold has seen and done it all.  He's simply one of the neatest guys around - Rock and Roll, Movies, TV, and Games.   He makes me inspired and envious.  He could mix a hit record using only that old micro-cassette tape out of your answering machine, using different handsets for EQ!! 

Mighty Steve T
Steve is a good guy.  He always has time to respond to your questions.  DOM stands for Dirty Old Men, which is Steve's band.  The FTC might have to prosecute for truth in advertising, since Steve is neither dirty nor old...

Other Fine Friends:

Blind Karma
Here is my newest band. There's every indication that this will be a massive power trio. We play songs from the 60's to present, and our fan base demographic includes Walt Disney's frozen head and Dolly the cloned sheep. Come see us and you'll find out what a raw groove consists of.

The BuzzCats
This band was silly enough to hire me to play, and I'm glad they did. The band plays a bunch of my favorite songs and makes each one ROCK! This is a once-a-decade kind of band where every player is quite good, can dial it up or down, and jam or play it straight. This band needs to be heard and deserves a huge following. Come see us if you can.

The Dayton Blues Society
The Dayton Blues Society is an up and coming organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the blues in Dayton. It sponsors monthly jam sessions and an annual blues extravaganza. Come and join this non-profit organization (much like the blues itself!), and show your support for local artists.

Mackie D8B User Group
The Mackie d8b forum.  It's a collection of some of the best thinkers on the Internet.  That place is on target and under control.

DigiDesign User Conference (Pro Tools)
The Pro Tools for Windows forum.  Tune in to watch helpless thousands twisting in the breeze with problematic systems with no apparent cause or solution.  It's great fun.  If your goal when asking a question is to be told to shut your whining cake-hole and read the manual, you've found your new home. 

18 Watt DIY Guitar Amp Forum
If you're nuts about guitar amps, this place has a wealth of knowledge on all things amp-ish, guitar-ish, and can even stop you from killing yourself, unless you're determined.  By and large, they do extremely good work. It's a shame that you have to register to even read it.

Corky's Old Time Rock And Roll Revival
These guys are actually too nice to be in a rock band.  They run their sets on time and care about the audience.  Thanks for messing it up for the rest of us.

Tom Sullivan Jazz and Gospel
Tom has been one of the best friends a guy can have, and he's done it over the long haul.  I'm really proud of him for putting in the effort to study and command a difficult format.  That jazz is heady stuff, Tom, and my hat's off to you.  Can you guys do something in C, F or G???

Brown Note Amps
Brown Note Amps has produced and incredibly fine line of hand-made amplifiers. I have listened to a LOT of guitar amplifiers and can tell you with confidence that these amps suffer none of the issues with many builds and capture all of the benefits possible from good design. You owe it to yourself to check out these works of art in both form and function and be humbled as a player by the clips. Besides, this guy's web site is simply cool. Some folks just "get it".

Allen Amplification
David Allen gave me reason to live.  He worked on two decades-owned amplifiers of mine.  He found capabilities inside those amps I never dreamed could be in there.  I'm distraught can't get him to work on my entire life.  Forget working on your own amp, you're not talented enough.  This guy has forgotten more than you'll ever know.  I dare you to buy a critically broken 60's-70's Fender amp and send it to him for repair.  Only then will you know what a messed-up company Fender is.   What you get back will blow away any effort the factory made on their best day, ever.

LaRue Designs
If you are looking for the highest quality hand-made stitchery, then start and end your search at LaRue Designs. She makes pillows, wearables and jewelry from felt and many other materials. My wife and I are in love with her work, and so is my Dad. I'll let you in on a secret, Babs is one of the sweetest people to ever walk the face of the earth. Check it out, and go ahead, live a little. Put some art in your life made by somebody with the credentials to make it mean something.

Ernest Buckley
Ernest is a talented fellow who has just released a CD. I've heard it, and let me tell you, it's uplifting AND well done. So what else could you possibly need to know, other than here are good songs that are well played and recorded?? Get over to his site, check it out, and give him a big thumbs-up!

Reynolds Audio
John is a writer and player who has amassed a ton of experience in live sound, recording, mixing and mastering. Lately, he found a couple of super-creative guys to collaborate with on some new material. It's a full band, no wait, it's a three piece, hold on, it's also a duo, but they have written some cool stuff which is also VERY INTERESTING on many planes. Check out John's site and give his wares a look.

The Doug Hart Band
Doug is a fantastic player and a gentleman.  His band is tremendous and Doug knows it!  Luckily, the DHB works very hard around town playing the best venues.  Check him out - it's worth it.  

Mike Safreed
To me, finding Mike was like stumbling onto an oasis.  First off, he's professional.  Secondly, he's really smart.  And neither last nor least, he knows what the hell he's doing.  Mike is a genuine encouragement to me.  I know he's listening, and before I can even open my mouth, he has a brilliant idea that answers my question.  Big ears, big brain, big heart.