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At the risk of ending up in Guantanamo as a political dissident, I submit the following.  If you're a politician, you're a liar.  If you didn't lie, then you wouldn't  win.  Losers didn't out-lie the winners.  It's all about money and power for your type.  You don't represent me.  You don't represent a dated utopian ideal.  You represent pork, piled on special interests, purchased by lobbyists.  You have allowed a ratio of 60 lobbyists per congressman to exist in DC.  Your cloud of spin is so noxious that mustard gas would be a relief.  You have such an aversion to truth and such an addiction to money that you have ruined the future of our great country, knowing that if we go down, so will the rest of the world, innocent or not.

The National Debt is so high that the interest alone on it exceeds the amount of the annual budget deficit.  That means that the debt grows faster than the deficit by all by itself, and THEN you add the deficit to it.  You maximized both ways to bankrupt the country.  Way to go, Dorks.  You can't get through 365 days solvent, let alone pay dollar-one of interest on the mortgage.

There is no money set aside for Social Security.  All your SS contributions are spent daily by the government just to keep the doors open.

Did you notice when Clinton was impeached, Wall Street didn't even flinch?  But the market would go up and down based on the fatness of Greenspan's briefcase.  That's how little the president matters to Wall Street.  They usually donate 60/40 to between the republican and democratic candidates if they're impartial.  

You Senators work less than 100 days a year, and spend the other 265 getting re-elected.  Positions of power and prestige on committees are awarded based on fundraising success, not a skill set.

No honest debate happens on C-Span anymore.  They read their scripted talking points directed to their base, and then leave.  The place is a ghost-town?

The Government doesn't have to audit their own books.  It's not that they don't want to, their bookkeeping is so bad no one could.  Every single day, millions of dollars suddenly vanish or spring into existence.  It's not theft, it's truly bad accounting.  Ironically, Enron did good enough accounting to be able to be caught.

A few of the founding fathers had a great idea about America being a MERITOCRACY, where we would find qualified people to lead the country, instead of a two-party popularity contest.  Now, the best actor with the most effective smear campaign wins.  On the other hand, I have to demonstrate a more comprehensive skill set to drive a car than to lead the country.

OIL, or "OIL=WAR":

We're going to run out, simple as that.  Had we ever had a LEADER in government, maybe 20 years ago we could have taxed oil the same as alcohol and tobacco, found an alternative fuel instead of going to the moon (could you live without memory foam if college was free?), and used the excise tax money to build schools in the Middle East *BEFORE* the Madrassas got started.  When the invisible hand of the market  provides a solution, it will come with such a slap that we'll wish it was wearing brass knuckles and shattered our temples.  The only solution is legislating that cars get 40mpg city, and that decrease in consumption would break oil's back.  America's "strategic interests" are natural resources, and countries go to war to get them.  If we can't get off oil, someday we'll find ourselves up against a REAL opponent (do you realize we've lost three wars to three of the poorest countries on Earth?), and things will be far more difficult than watching depressing news about someone else's country.  Do you remember that it took most of the free-world to defeat Germany, which happens to be 94% as big as Montana?


In case you can't understand the immensity of China's growth, they'll need to add the equivalent of England's entire electricity generating capacity this year alone.  By the way, they burn coal.  I'm thinking they'd like more oil and natural gas, and I can't wait to see how skilled they are at running reactors!


A $400,000,000 severance package for an Exxon executive equtes to 8,000 jobs paying $50,000 a year.  Or it  equates to 400 jobs for 20 years each.  Is ANY executive worth that sacrifice?  Especially if some of those employees might be working on alternative energy sources?  Of course, the poor executive only made $51.5 million the year he retired.  The new business model ought to be executive compensation based on how many employees are above the poverty level with health insurance.


Now, go here and light these guys up.  Read who contributes to their campaigns.  That's who they work for.